I’m a Pisces and I love the creative aspects that I’ve inherited from my birth sign. I am intuitive, kind, considerate and creative.

However, I also have to work on the spin side of my sign – I withdraw, I become depressed and gloomy. The weight of the world lands on my shoulders and I feel it pressing me down.

Time and time again I draw a significator for myself and it’s the Queen of Wands. Why is the Tarot poking fun at me I ask??

This cheerful dynamic go-getter queen bustling with energy and confidence – who me?

So what do you do when your significator is nothing like you see yourself?

The answer is simple – you embrace it.

The wonderful Joan Bunning has these words of wisdom on the Queen of Wands:

‘In readings, the Queen of Wands asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Do you feel attractive? Do you believe in yourself? Are you full of energy? Can you shake off the blues? Are you gung ho about life?’

The Queen of Wands, for me, is who I aspire to be everyday. She is the antidote to my water qualities and it’s my task to balance the fire/water polarity.

So, what’s your significator and is it truly how you see yourself? Or perhaps like me you have to work at it?