I love Tarot decks.

It’s not just the fact that, with my intuition, they can unlock the secrets of my soul. I love the artwork and the artist’s interpretation of the cards. I could spend hours just looking at Tarot cards and watching the worlds reveal themselves in front of me. A Tarot deck can become my trusted friend and companion.

And yet there are some decks which I just don’t bond with.

One of these decks is the Thoth.

Try as I might,  the Thoth deck and I can’t seem to become anything more than a brief acquaintance.  I pick it up, I put it back down.

I collect Tarot decks and I view the Thoth as a must have for any collector or student of the Tarot.  But I still don’t want to read with it.

If you’re about to pick your first Tarot deck make sure you bond with it.  Look on the web and find pictures of the cards or visit your local metaphysical shop where you can get the deck out and have a good look.  Pay no attention to what other people tell you – go for the deck which is right for you.

When you bond with your deck the world of Tarot opens up easily and secrets are unveiled right before your eyes!